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It is best to wait 4-6 months before staining the deck, as opposed to staining the deck immediately. The reason for this is because the wood comes treated and the chemicals in the treated wood will not absorb the stain properly.

We have more decking choices available than ever before. For those who love real wood, pressure-treated cedar, and redwood are good options. Hardwoods are in style, and several choices are available. Their durability makes them a fantastic choice, and they offer a lavish, rich appearance you are sure to enjoy.

State of the art railings can add an entire new look to your deck. We have many different materials such as glass, vinyl, composites.

For those searching for other options, composite decking and other synthetic materials such as vinyl am revolutionizing the industry. These products don’t require much maintenance, and they last decades. Composite decking looks different than wood decking. We also combine PVC with real wood to suite those looking of the best of both worlds.

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